Results we achieved

  • £50K
    Potential savings in postage of £50,000 per annum by amalgamating individual site campaigns to achieve mailsort discounts.

  • 30%
    Campaign response rates over 30%.
  • 24hr
    Improved speed to reach members, same day mailings including over Christmas and New Year period.
Praesepe plc, part of the Gauselmann Group , operates nine bingo clubs under the Beacon Bingo brand, including Cricklewood in North London the largest Bingo Club in the UK, and over 150 adult gaming centres.

Direct Mail is a key marketing channel to reach members and keep them informed of local events and promotions. The challenge was to deliver a 24 hour guaranteed mail commitment all year round. Praesepe also wanted to make the Direct Mail work harder with improved creative and uniquely targeted, personalised to each member.

Prime's Franchise Marketing Solution allows General Managers at each Bingo venue and central marketing to create high quality, localised direct mail campaigns – within minutes. The platform features a range of pre-defined postcard template and messages, designed by Prime across three mailing formats which General Managers can select to tailor their message to individual members.

The system integrates seamlessly with the club’s CRM / member database system and Prime’s extensive data, digital print and mailing capabilities. Each mailing can be highly personalised to the member and is processed and mailed within 24 hours allowing each club to remind members of forthcoming events and offers and to respond rapidly to localised events such as the weather, competition and news.

A key differentiator for this system was daily production and Prime’s ability to combine individual club campaigns and print as a single run securing postal discounts.