Choosing a supply partner



Breaking ties with an existing supplier is a big decision. You may be concerned about disruption, inconvenience, and even risk.

If any one of these three issues strikes a chord, now may be the right time to move:-



1. Service-related problems

We offer “open door” accountability, transparent working practices, continual improvement of processes and strict adherence to client Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

2. Need for quality improvements
Our product-development mantra is “try breaking it to make it better”. That might be with personalisation, advanced data skills, greater automation, new hardware or technologies to improve results, response, efficiencies, quality and savings. Using HP technology, we are the market leaders in print quality.

3. Lack of reliability
Poor or unreliable quality negatively impacts your brand, impedes the customer’s experience and impairs satisfaction. Monitored adherence to SLAs is reinforced by detailed reporting and dashboards that highlight inconsistencies and delays as they arise. Providing a transparent, trustworthy working relationship.


With a unique set of technical & production competencies -  personalisation experts, open APIs, fully accredited: ISO9001, 14001 and 27001, batched production, 24/7 working, “open house” accountability, clients SLAs and global connections through HP DSCOOP collaboration – all set Prime apart.


Our handy checklist could help you determine any gaps in the service your business is receiving.

Uses HP technology, the market leader in print quality and colour   tick-2
Achieves exceptional print quality with HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology   tick-2
Is able to print on virtually any substrate   tick-2
Has advanced software to render personalised / customised artwork in-house   tick-2
Utilises Oneflow workflow that automates and streamlines production from website to letterbox   tick-2
Uses API integration in workflow for post-backs from every stage of production and postage   tick-2
Cloud-based workflow system reports daily, weekly, monthly on SLAs and performance   tick-2
Dedicated customer service and account management team   tick-2
Belongs to a global network (e.g. DSCOOP) that opens up additional markets   tick-2
Offers advanced postage and consolidated fulfilment process to reduce postage costs   tick-2
Is trustworthy, transparent and happy for you to visit the production facility   tick-2
Cares about your customers, business & brand as much as you do   tick-2
Continually helps to improve basket value with new consumer products R&D and suggestions   tick-2
Is experienced and knowledgeable of the consumer market and customers   tick-2
Provides flexible payment options   tick-2
Confirming to all regulatory bodies - ISO, GDPR, FSC   tick-2
Protects your data and intellectual property   tick-2
Is environmentally compliant and maintains relevant accreditations/memberships   tick-2