Results we achieved

  • 100,000+ Components per year

  • x 4 Printing technologies employed


A heritage brand spanning almost a century, Cornelius designs and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment that delivers beer from cellar to bar, and from bar-tap to thirsty customer.


The fonts, and the lenses on view to the customer, needed to be produced in all manner of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials representing the various iconic drinks brands they relate to. And in vast, vast quantities. In fact, in excess of 100,000 components in a 12-month period.


No “one size fits all” solution here!

Digital, screen-printing, and rotary-screen printing, as well as pad printing all came in to play. And, along with injection moulded lenses, flat acrylic and flat sheets - which were then either laser-cut to shape or vacuum-formed - completed the solution.


"We were anxious about the move from in-house production to an outsourced contract, even though we knew it made sound business sense. In fact, as the Prime guys had both the skills and technology to deliver, it proved to be almost seamless. Great job!" - Lee Reynolds, Head of Supply Chain, Cornelius Beverage Technologies Ltd