Results we achieved

  • 286%
    Return on Investment

  • 35%
    Repeat visitor rate


Having a loyal following presents opportunities for cross-selling additional, related products into a customer base and Craghoppers needed a means of maximising these.


Taking data from a number of existing sources we consolidated, verified, de-duped and segmented these records to create a Single Customer View (SCV). Then, with this dataset in place, we developed rules and predictive analytics to determine matrices of likely products and created a cross media campaign to maximise these cross- and up-selling opportunities.

The initial campaign comprised;

  • Design, coding and broadcast of a series of compelling HTML emails
  • Personalised URLs (via email and catalogue) leading to
  • Unique landing pages
  • Delivery of contextual product suggestions/recommendations
  • The campaign was hailed as an overwhelming success with
  • The company’s highest ever 286% increased response rate
  • 15% visit rate
  • 35% repeat visitors
  • 5.48% conversion rate
  • 10% repeat purchase rate
  • 3.95% lapsed customer reactivation rate