Franchise Marketing Solution

Delivering on your brand vision - locally.


I'll walk you through all of the features and functionality and devise a personalised pricing structure, based on your specific needs.

Do you need to free-up marketing resource to deliver on business targets, secure brand vision and consistency, and empower franchisees to personalise their localised marketing?

We understand that, for successful franchise businesses, brand is everything and that poses a number of challenges for central marketing teams.
Supporting individual franchises, while at the same time ensuring national and brand marketing is on-point and effective. Policing and protecting the
brand across multiple channels, while at the same time making content available and locally relevant.

With Prime's Brand Marketing Hub your national marketing team is freed-up to focus on campaigns and activities that deliver business targets. Your franchisees are
empowered with the tools and collateral they need for conformant and effective, localised marketing.

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A central location that stores all of your brand, marketing and product assets.


It’s a private portal, personalised with your corporate branding, that your franchisees can access easily and securely, 24/7. Materials are stored in an online catalogue, divided into the categories that you determine, with clutter-free and intuitive navigation. Their login defines what they see and prepopulates templates for different campaigns, markets, and more which can be as editable, or locked-down, as you see fit. Templates which, combined with sophisticated database functionality, mean franchisees can produce professional-looking, data-driven marketing materials in minutes.


It’s well documented and understood that personalised marketing results in greater customer acquisition, lifetime value, brand loyalty, and revenue growth



Consumers expect communications across all channels to be relevant, personal and timely. They want messaging that  recognises, appeals and speaks directly to them. When it does, businesses report higher transaction rates – sometimes as great as six times higher.

And an uplift in sales that can be as much as nineteen percent.
Data though can be a minefield. It quickly decays becoming out-of-date, incomplete and inaccurate. But we’ve got that covered too.

Our ISO27001 accreditation and comprehensive range of data services means that the personalised communications your
franchisees generate using the Brand Marketing Hub are not only on-brand, but engaging and compliant.


Water BabiesConfidence starts with baby swimming

• Ensure franchisees had direct and easy access to the print & promo products they need.
• Migration away from a ‘creaking’ old system.
• Ability to customise and localise.
• Two tier pricing system – HQ and Franchisee.
• Not just print online collateral e.g. social media images is available.
• Multi-Country & Currency Functionality.

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Digital Asset Management sits at the heart of our Brand Marketing Hub. It allows the franchise to keep a firm grip on its brand assets, at the same time delivering easy access to those that need them.

True Multi-Channel


From logos to videos, across all imagery and even sound files, categorisation and tagging makes it simple to store, organise, find and share assets.

Your Brand Guideline document can become a relic of the past. Version control and brand-compliance issues are eradicated as only the latest approved assets are made available. Your assets work harder, your central team remains in control and franchisees are empowered.


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Vets4PetsPutting Your Pet First | Experts In Vet Care

• Online brand portal for HO & ‘franchise’ Vet Practices
• 1500 hours per annum of marketing department time freed up
• Enabled immediate localised marketing
• 400+ practices
• 400+ items available (x3 brands)
• Managing 50+ orders per week average
• Source for accurate data and store list

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Print Fulfilment

Decentralised ordering of print, where franchisees are creating and commissioning it from disparate sources, means no cost control, no reporting, no leverage, no visibility and no brand consistency. Marketing materials, merchandise and print-on-demand via the Brand Marketing Hub effectively and finally removes these issues.


Email campaigns

HTML templates from within the platform allow users to build personalised and localised email content. These can then be exported to or integrated with your existing mail provider to ensure seamless delivery of on-brand and effective campaigns - no “techie” or design skills required.


Advertising templates

Scalable, reusable advertising templates – print or online - are built to your exacting specifications and always conform to brand guidelines. So, what might once have taken days or more through a central design team or agency, can be achieved simply and swiftly


Personalised Merchandise

Promotional gifts are one of the most effective tools for brand recognition and recall. Corporate branding and even personalisation of these can form a critical component of your franchisee’s marketing armoury.


Social Media presence

The Brand Marketing Hub facilitates social media branding production at scale, leaving users to concentrate instead on the all-important content and posting.


SMS content

Personalised and actionable SMS messages, particularly in the B2C space, are becoming increasingly important. Using real-time insights, franchisees can deliver high-impact messages around pre-designed templates that contain elements of personalisation, links to web pages even app screens.



I'll walk you through all of the features and functionality and devise a personalised pricing structure, based on your specific needs.




First Class LearningTake on learning and win

• 300+ Maths & English tuition franchisees
• Agency built web ordering portal ‘creaking’
• Need to enhance security with user credentials
• Improve user experience currently manual editing
• No production workflow integration
• Improved reporting
• Fulfilling lots of small orders daily

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Over the years, we’ve realised that not one solution fits all, so we’ve developed a range of integrations with other platforms and bespoke supplier systems. We can connect with any type of current or future system setup - we don’t discriminate!

We have a team of experienced in-house developers who can effortlessly custom build any solution or integration required for your needs.


Any technology solution, no matter how sophisticated, is only as good as the service provider behind it.

Support and account management

Prime account managers and support staff are selected for their excellent communication skills, business acumen and problem-solving. They’re all “can-doers” with an appetite to learn and a love for the job. The team will learn all about your products and service to make sure that you and your franchisees have the best experience of working with us.

Scalability and transferability

Prime’s Brand Marketing Hub is wholly scalable and built to work as efficiently on a small set of databases as on a large set. We recognise that, as a business change and grows,  your systems need to flex and span accordingly. It can handle multiple languages and currencies.

Integration and development

Prime has one of the only UK workflow systems designed especially for the production of personalised and on-demand print. A system that our in-house team continues to develop to work alongside and integrate with other workflow and bespoke supplier systems. From any E-Commerce Platform to any CRM, MAP, ESP, MIS or DAM system.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and disaster recovery procedures deliver additional assurances and, ultimately, peace of mind. Monitored adherence to SLAs is reinforced by detailed reporting and dashboards that highlight any inconsistencies and delays as they arise. So, providing a transparent, trustworthy working relationship.

Hosting and security

Our ISO27001 accreditation demonstrates our determination, credibility and ongoing commitment to systems and data security and the safeguarding of our customers, and their franchisees’, sensitive customer data. Our AWS management service includes all the key components to getting you in the cloud and keeping you running there

Quality accreditations

Data security is protected by ISO 27001:2013 accreditation. ISO 9001 demonstrates our commitment to quality production and ISO 14001 is the equivalent standard for environmental protection.

Wondering how and where to get started?

We would love to work with you, to help inspire your franchisees and to fully engage them with your brand vision.


"Prime built a central web to print system accessed by our 451+ sites for ordering print and marketing materials. The system has been successfully launched across our entire business with very positive results. So far we have freed up an estimated 10 hours a week previously spent managing local print and marketing requests and I see this increasing as we add more functionality."
Karen Williams - UK Marketing Director - Pets at Home