Results we achieved

Since the successful integration Inkpact has been able to consolidate, streamline and restructure cumbersome operational processes, reducing business overheads and improving service reliability.


Inkpact helps businesses deliver thoughtful and meaningful human interaction (at scale) with their customers, Inkpact achieves this by sending personalised handwritten notes and sustainable gifts at key points across the customer lifecycle. Inkpact prides itself on its unique technology stack, allowing users to create highly personalised marketing campaigns in a few clicks online or integrate directly to their pre-existing systems via API or CRM apps. All notes are physically handwritten by the Inkpact Scribe Tribe. 



Inkpact needed a partner who could deliver on their vision of automated print on demand and complex ad-hoc pick and pack solutions within their existing operations and IT systems. Inkpact requires nothing less than exceptional print quality, specifically using Electroink white inks on a series of speciality paper stocks, timely delivery with additional assurances – service level agreements to fulfil and meet their campaign commitments. 



Enter Prime Group. With unrivalled experience and a pedigree for personalised retail gifts, we were swift to demonstrate our ability to deliver:

  • An automated workflow that streamlines production from website to letterbox
  • API integration in a workflow for post-backs from every stage of production and postage
  • Advanced postage and consolidated fulfilment solution for more complex ad hoc projects whilst reducing postage costs
  • State of the art HP digital press with exceptional print quality using HP ElectroInk liquid ink technology.
  • Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and disaster recovery procedures deliver additional assurances and, ultimately, peace of mind.


“ Exceptional account management, The Prime team always exceeds expectations, responding timely and always going the extra mile ” - Andrew Martin  (CTO & Founder)