Results we achieved

Tapping into the personalisation market achieves swift sales uplift

  • £11,000 uplift in revenue, achieved in just 3 weeks without any specific promotional activity
  • Personalised messaging was immediately possible, with future photo-upload if required
  • Increased range and choice of products on offer to supporters
  • 340% ROI


Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the UK’s largest and best-loved charities. Known for working tirelessly to support not just those directly suffering from cancer but those around them that may be affected by it, Macmillan provides specialist health care, information and financial support.



Macmillan recognised that giving its supporters the option to purchase personalised gifts would be an excellent way to generate additional revenue, but its existing ecommerce site didn’t include the necessary functionality. And, with Christmas just around the corner, it didn’t want to miss the window of opportunity that that offered.



Late in 2018 Macmillan partnered with  Ethical Agency sourcing team and personalisation specialist Prime Group whose plug-in technology integrated seamlessly with the existing ecommerce site.

An “off-the-shelf” plug-in solution to their existing e-commerce site adds a new dimension to the charity’s “gifts that change lives” offering. Supporters now have the ability to select, personalise and view a greeting card in real-time that includes a donation of up to £50.

This is processed, produced, and ready for mailing to the recipient, in as little as 2 hours from order submission.