Personalised Marketing

Delivering personalised print along the customer journey.

Same day delivery, automated Print on Demand via an API For your “time sensitive” communications.
Programmatic Mail triggered from an ecommerce event. For your marketing automation campaign.
Personalised, relevant and part of a multi-channel CRM campaign. For your "reminder programme" communications
Fast delivery with a 24hr turnaround Digital Printing service. For your “limited time offer”  communications

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Personalised Marketing is one of the most important trends to hit marketing over the last few years. Personalised marketing gives your customers a unique, memorable experience and builds a bond; it lets them know you are paying attention and understand what they want and need.

Today’s customers expect you to be relevant, personal and timely. Brands who use data driven marketing to deliver this are seeing the results.

It’s easy to put someone’s first name into an email or a printed piece of marketing collateral, but advances in technology now allow for so much more than that to deliver a real ‘personalised’ experience.

With brands now having so much data on their customers many are using this to tailor and personalise the content too – and not only that, deliver those messages at specific and relevant times to the individual to provide a genuinely one-to-one experience, utterly unique to them.


Ultimately helping you build better relationships with your customers.


Data Services

Your customer data is key to a successful direct mail campaign. We can help you get the most from your data with our range of cleaning services, so you don’t waste time and money mailing to customers who have moved or even worse, sadly passed away.

We’ll take care of content switching whether text or images in your postcard design and for regular campaigns, we integrate our systems with many of our clients to create an automated, end to end workflows which makes same day mailings possible.


Personalised Print

Our print, direct mail and fulfilment pedigree is unrivalled. We’ve been an early adopter of the latest technology – in digital print, automation, data processing as well as postage and fulfilment for more than 20 years.

Our customers can also rely on us to deliver strategic thinking, consultancy, efficiencies and savings. With our HP Indigo digital presses we can personalise in full-colour B2 sheets with variable, data-driven content, resulting in far more targeted marketing.


Postage Expertise

Preparing your direct mail for postage is an art in its own right. Our knowledge and experience mean we can help tailor the postage service to your needs securing discounts based on address formatting, barcoding and sortation.

We will manage the whole fulfilment process, saving you time and money whether working with the Royal Mail or one of the other postage service providers such as Whistl, Onepost or Citipost.

Marketers in the travel industry know this better than most; successful ones have been analysing the customer journey to find ways to touch and engage with them how and, critically, when it matters.

Virgin Holidays won Gold in the “Best customer journey” category at last year’s DMA awards. With its agency it determined a strategy to put hearts before heads and which appealed to the emotions of the traveller. Its research split the customer journey into three distinct phases:-

  • The dreaming state - holiday research; seeking that holiday high.
  • The anticipation state - pre-travel anxiety and excitement; managing the holiday high.
  • The reminiscing state - the returning home holiday blues; keeping the holiday high.

The winning campaign delivered personalised marketing - multi-channel communications at forty-three different touchpoints across and exactly in-tune with the three attitude states and their timings. The results were stunning. Pre-departure customer survey scores were up 25%, customer self-serve jumped 7%, upsell increased 11%, while the campaign directly contributed to a 10% increase in loyalty.

Personalised marketing is keeping the customer happy, engaged, active and retained, it’s clearly doing its job and proving its worth.




Thanks for everything you and the team at Prime have done - we couldn’t have achieved this mailing without your support throughout."
- Louise Ashley-Cox, Senior Marketing Campaign Executive. The National Trust