Prime's on demand API

We've integrated 100's of businesses into our workflow to produce personalised print on demand products.


Prime's on demand API

We've integrated 100's of businesses into our workflow to produce personalised print on demand products.


Prime’s API is powered by Site Flow, from HP

Your print-on-demand products are produced through our facilities using the latest automated software workflow platforms. These manage each stage of your unique order through to shipping to the customer.

To integrate your ecommerce and production systems to ours, we have several options available with:

  • a RESTful API Siteflow
  • a custom API
  • a closed webshop and 
  • CSV uploader






This route is the most commonly used for sending over orders for print on demand and fulfilment. The RESTful API provides the upstream platform, easy to use, and a secure method for sending over and managing orders. 

The platform we use is called Siteflow. This is a robust cloud-based Workflow platform, where creating an account is easy. User accounts for our clients are setup by us and the Endpoint and Token information is shared with you securely. 


Here is an example of how our API solution works.​

  1. ​Customer places Order on your platform​
  2. Your platform sends a full payload of order information using widely accepted JSON formatted order data submitted to our secure API​
  3. (We can tailor the API process to your specific needs where necessary)​
  4. Our systems parse the order details including shipping address, service, order items​
  5. Our API will allow you to supply custom attributes for personalized print on demand items​
  6. Our systems will notify your API securely when a shipment has been sent containing tracking information if appropriate using configurable notifications​
  7. For production items – we can optionally use static or dynamically composed artwork based on supplied item.​
  8. Stock items are included in the Order for pick and dispatch.​
  9. On shipment, we send a call-back to the eCommerce platform to mark the item as complete along with tracking information.​

SiteFlow Documentation


The order format shared between the API's is JSON. The standard message typically contains but not limited to:​

  • Shipping information ​
  • Shipping address​
  • Customer address​
  • Order items​
  • Production items – print on demand static or variable data supplied as metadata in item details​
  • Stock items​


Initially developed by part of our Group and since acquired by HP, HP Siteflow (Oneflow ) is an end-to-end workflow and personalized product automation. An industry-leading platform for receipt, management, production and shipping of individually personalized items.​

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