Programmatic Direct Mail

Bridging the on and offline customer journey


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As you know, programmatic direct mail brings the power of print into the digital age, connecting the on and offline customer journey to maximise conversion rates.

We offer marketers the ability to send highly targeted direct mail to active customers with the right message at just the right time. Customers that have either visited your website, abandoned a cart, lapsed or any other behavioural activity you wish to nudge the customer to action.

The process is quite straight forward. Once we receive your data, we automatically process the corresponding asset, sort to ensure mailing discounts, print and despatched in as little as 3 hours.

Today’s customers expect communications across all channels to be relevant, personal and timely. We help you deliver on this expectation.

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Programmatic Mail – a tailored, targeted, triggered personalised communication with a customer who’s already given you permission to contact them.

A passionate supply partner


Quality of product. Technology. Automation and Customer service. Our customers measure us on these three critical pillars of service. Harder to quantify though is our passion. We’re as passionate about our customer’s brand, as we are about our own.

Being the last eyes on a print before it reaches the customer is a responsibility we take seriously. We see our role as a partner, not merely a supplier, which means sharing;

  • Values and Visions
  • Strategy
  • Planning and management
  • Communication

Beacon Bingo Personalised Direct Marketing

Our systems integrate seamlessly with the club’s CRM / member database system. Each mailing can be highly personalised to the member and is processed and mailed within 24 hours allowing each club to remind members of forthcoming events and offers.

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How it all works

Knowing that your supply partner is responsible, and cares about the customer experience as much as you do, inspires confidence. It lets you focus on the rest of the business, safe in the knowledge that these aspects are under control:-


Macmillan Cancer Support Personalised Greeting Cards

An “off-the-shelf” plug-in solution to their existing e-commerce site adds a new dimension to the charity’s “gifts that change lives” offering. Supporters now have the ability to select, personalise and view a greeting card in real-time that includes a donation of up to £50.

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Integrated Workflow Systems

Intuitive. Automated. Flexible. Reliable. Trusted


Detailed below are some of our popular workflow systems that are used, but we have a team of experienced developers to custom write any solution required.

api (1)

SUPPLIER LINK GENERIC FILE SYSTEMWe can download XML or JSON orders from any hosted site to transfer into other systems then upload order status changes to confirm receipt and despatch.

SUPPLIER LINK CSV BRIDGEWe can download delimited data orders from any hosted site to transfer into other systems then upload order status changes to confirm receipt and despatch.

DOWNLOAD ORDERS TO YOUR HOT FOLDERWe can download order artwork files (PDF) to a hot folder via any hosted site or Amazon S3 bucket and synchronises directly to our workflow.

AUTO EMAILED FOR MANUAL PRODUCTIONSet up with our emailer integration and order details are emailed to a selected email address every hour so they can be sent directly to our workflow.

APPLICATION PROGRAM INTERFACEWe have several available API’s that are RESTful HTTP based API’s. Where possible, we have exposed resource-oriented access using standard HTTP verbs and respond with standard HTTP status codes. When communicating with the API directly, JSON will be returned in all responses including errors. Any off-the-shelf HTTP written in any language should be able to access the API easily. Alternatively, we can tailor the API for your needs.

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