Results we achieved

  • Ms Griffith has more time to spend on business strategy/development as upload time was reduced by 90%.

  • Books are created and shipped in 48-72 hours.


Formed in early 2016, Swanky Portraits is the brainchild of Taaya Marjorie Griffith. A personalised book like no other the range includes a children’s version and an adult version, along with a “special occasions” variation. It uniquely incorporates illustrated portraits (taken from a photograph) peppered throughout its pages.  Her skill as an illustrator has won both her, and the book, acclaim.


Swanky Portraits was struggling to achieve commercial success. The production process from the incumbent print provider was cumbersome and time-consuming. The illustrator was forced to upload the book, individual page at a time, negatively impacting on resource, turnover and ultimately profitability.


Ms Griffith had started to believe that the business was simply not viable. Prime had to streamline the production process, improve speed to market, cut turnaround times and improve margins to convince her otherwise.

Prime achieved these objectives by:-

  • Delivering a strategy/consultancy day based on Prime’s experience/expertise in this marketplace
  • Introducing a seamless ordering facility requiring only 3 elements rather than individual pages – inner, cover and order data, cutting processing time by 95%
  • Slashing resource and illustrator’s time required
  • Cutting turnaround time from order to consumer by 75%
  • Improving profitably through "Print on demand" automation (reduced production costs) and adding complementary products – e.g. personalised diaries and wrapping paper


"After I met with Jon and the team my eyes were truly opened to the REAL possibilities of what can be achieved. Not only did they completely remove the headaches of processing my orders but they’ve helped me improve my average basket value by 24%, and my margins by over 100%. I’m on target to grow my business this year by over 150%. The Prime team are continually proactive athelping drive and build my business and care passionately about my success."Taaya Marjorie Griffith, Swanky Portraits